Thursday, November 20, 2008

An arsenal of toys

I am going to be in the schools for at least two years after I graduate, and after that, who knows? But if I am working with children, I am going to need toys and books (and markers and posterboard and Play-Doh and 2 sets of extra hands!). I have already started building my collection, but so far it is rather small. I have a few cars, some blocks, and some rubber animals. I do not have any books other than the children's books I have from when I was small. So, dear readers, I put the question to you: what toys and books would you recommend I have on hand to delight my future clients, and possibly teach them speech? ;) I love toys and books, and whatever is mine personally I can take with me everywhere instead of having to check in and out of the university clinic and leave behind when I graduate. Toys and books that appeal to a variety of ages would be ideal, and they should be able to handle some jostling and curious hands. Paper books are fine, because I will eventually have elementary school-aged children who know how to handle books. (Right now I have toddlers, who are not so gentle with books!) Leave any and all ideas, please! My clients will thank you. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Almost done!

Next week is Thanksgiving, so I only have two days of classes and clients. Then I have one more week of classes and clients, and then finals. This semester is almost over! Next semester I will have all new classes and clients. (We have to get a certain number of hours with every population, so students in our clinic usually do not keep clients longer than a semester unless they got the client close to the end of the semester or the client requires a longer transition for whatever reason.) I feel like I learned more in these months than I have in the rest of my life combined! And, as is my wont at the end of a semester, I can't wait for a break. Eventually I will miss my clients and classmates, and I will be ready to go back for another go at Epic Learning, but right now...I just want to make cookies and sleep. ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Never Forget

Today I was reading/fuming at a certain Brave Hero's insurance company and I thought back to the day I finished my observation hours with my brave, wonderful, wise supervisor. She sat me down and said, "Katie, the most important thing is not to get paid. It is to provide this service to people who need it. Insurance companies will lie to you, hang up on you, be rude to you, and lose your paperwork. You have to keep fighting. People need you."
This sat well and deeply with me. How many professionals out there are truly fighting to give people the services they need? How many professionals are willing to cut fees and battle insurance companies and make less so they can see more people? My supervisor opened her own practice because she was tired of being told to deny people services because insurance companies wouldn't pay, and people needed her. How many doctors would do the same?
I think many professionals (and insurance companies who take exotic company retreats during recessions) could learn a lesson from my supervisor. I am forever indebted to her because of what she taught me.