Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fruits of perusing toy stores

First of all, happy holidays to everyone! I haven't really had much to write about since school is on hiatus, but I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts about Christmas goodies and festivities. I feel like Christmas is always more fun when wee ones are involved.
Second of all, I found these books in a bookstore yesterday and was intrigued. There are several little books in one binder and they have rhyming words and phoneme targets and the whole nine yards. I was looking at a level 2 book about food and I really liked the way they started with a simple sentence or phrase and then added a little bit to it every page, to show kids how they can expand sentences while working on target sounds. I might have to invest in some of these!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Half an hour after my dog gets a new toy...

She is the face of repentance, isn't she? So much for getting her a durable dog toy. I tremble for our Christmas tree; she already chewed off some of the pre-strung lights over the summer when it was stored in the room where she sleeps, but I doubt Christmas will go by without her snatching an ornament or two! The other day she took out a couple of potatoes and a party hat. My mom caught her with a potato hanging out of her mouth! What a goofball. Her name is Darby, and she is almost a year old. She certainly makes life interesting. ;)
In other news, I am DONE with school for a glorious month and have epic plans to clean everything. We'll see how that goes!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It's finals week!
I'm two down and have two more to go. I have no idea how to study for my Articulation final. None at all. I will stare blankly at my notes and pray for knowledge, in the proud tradition of students everywhere during finals week. Posting grades online has made doing the, "How badly can I mess up and still pass?" ritual calculations even easier, and the atmosphere around the clinic has the familiar twang of stress to it. However, there is an additional twang of anticipation; only two more finals, and then we are done for a month! My apartment will be clean again! :D
Good wishes and prayers are much appreciated. Around 8pm on Thursday, I'll be done with my first semester of graduate school!