Monday, June 22, 2009

Blowing dust off the ol' blog

Man, it's been awhile! I've honestly been enjoying time away from the classroom and the clinic for a while. I've been in college for the last 7 years and I relish my small breaks. I've been reading all of my blogs, though, even though I'm a bad commenter. I also haven't given blood yet because my town hasn't had a blood drive. I'm going to start looking in other towns, since mine kind of fails.

This summer my clinic is doing a writing program to help kids whose written language needs some polish. I really want to make messes with the kids and get their hands dirty, make Oobleck or volcanoes or bring in live newts or take a field trip to a creek to find crayfish or make beautiful art with construction paper and glitter and way too much glue. I know that lots of time needs to be spent writing and typing and revising, but I am a firm believer in messy learning.