Wednesday, September 19, 2007

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This is the family who changed my life in college and showed me my vocation. I am so proud of Joey and Andy! Joey is a 6 year old boy with high-functioning autism who still needs a lift over the hard places sometimes, and I tutored him for about 2 years. I watched him grow tremendously. When I first started working with him, he did not understand questions. If the question had a pre-determined answer, such as, "What color is the sky?" then he was fine with it. Think about the scene in the beginning of Star Trek IV when the computer is asking Spock all of these really hard math and science questions and Spock is answering them in a heartbeat, but when the computer asks, "How do you feel?", Spock says, "I do not understand the question." That is how Joey was the first two semesters I worked with him. When I came back for fall semester of my junior year, Joey had started speech therapy, and could now answer questions like, "Do you want to play blocks?" or "Are you hungry?" I don't know if he could attempt, "How do you feel?" right away, but by now I'm sure he could!
This is something to think about if you want to have children some day, especially for individuals like myself who are at high risk for having a disabled child.


Meww said...

I didn't realize you were at high risk for having a disabled child! *hugs* Certainly explains your career choice. :-) Best of luck to you, darling.

Charles said...

Katie is so pretty!