Monday, February 2, 2009

I wanna WIN!

So, Rhett's mom over at The Bird Flock is having a Signing Time giveaway. I need to blog about why I want a Signing Time DVD in order to win. So here goes!
First of all, I have no kids. I do not plan to have kids anytime soon. However, I think the title of my blog is a good clue about how I would put this DVD to use if I got it! I'm in graduate school to be a speech-language pathologist. This means that I am A) broke and B) in need of materials to use when I get out into the real world! I would use this DVD with many children who might not otherwise get exposed to sign language. I would combine the DVD with the skills I will surely one day have to get these children communicating! Although learning sign language can be beneficial to kids who don't need speech services, it can be crucial for those who do, and I'm not just talking about children with hearing impairment. Sometimes children have so many speech problems that it is difficult for even their parents to understand them. For these children, sign language can be a way to communicate and connect with people until their speech becomes more intelligible. Sometimes children with autism are non-verbal for whatever reason, and do not/cannot use speech. Sign language can be a lifeline to these children.
Now, I would not just pop in the DVD during my sessions and let Rachel do all of the work for me! I would watch a short clip with the children and then reinforce the signs they just saw with different activities and games that would have them interacting with me AND each other. I would show the DVD to parents and tell them that Signing Time is an easy way to reinforce what the children are learning in speech. I would use it in classrooms to give other children a way to connect with their friend who communicates a little differently.
In short, I would use Signing Time as a tool in my SLP toolbox to help as many children as possible become better communicators!


CC said...

I hope you win. But if you don't, I stocked up on Signing Times VHS videos 1,2, &3 before they stopped selling them. I'll sell them to you at cost $5 each if you'll pay for shipping. Let me know! ;)

little.birdy said...

Ooo, thanks CC! :)

CC said...

Soooo.... did you win???

I don't know if I got your card :( I did get one that I totally couldn't tell what state it was from, so I had to guess (I think I guessed NC). That one could have been yours. But it should be on the wall as they are all displayed. So I'm not sure. Do you remember what it looked like?