Monday, March 16, 2009

So proud of my advocate future husband!

My advocate future husband (AFH) was substitute-teaching today and overheard some kids using the word "retarded." The entire class was promptly lectured about how the word "retarded" is ugly and hurtful. He said he did it because of me, and therefore because of you, my blogging community. You really opened my eyes to that word, and I shared what I learned with AFH. It really made an impression on both of us, and when he heard those kids using the word, it really rubbed him the wrong way. So I am very proud of him for speaking up and hopefully planting some seeds of tolerance!


Jay said...

Good for him- many teachers wouldn't allow that word in the classroom, but wouldn't necessarily take the time to explain to the students why it's hurtful.

Amanda said...

Way to go Mr. Robertson!!!

Amazing_Grace said...

I noticed this post at Cale's blog from you.

>Do you know of any good resources for a parent of an elementary-school child who just received an Asperger’s diagnosis? He just got assigned to my caseload and I figured I’d ask the expert for resources.

Some good website are:

Tony Attwood- the guru of Asperger Syndrome.


My son has Asperger Syndrome. I blog about how we deal with it and his education.