Thursday, September 18, 2008

I thought I was losing my mind...

...because I kept on losing my writing utensils!
I'm something of an office supplies junkie. Staples and Office Max are dangerous places for me. I can be scatterbrained with other possessions, I quite admit, but I usually keep up with my pens and pencils.
Naturally, then, I was distressed when every two or three days I would lose a pencil. Was graduate school so stressful that I did not have enough brain cells left to keep up with a pencil? What would happen if I ran out of extras and had to take my data on a client with *shudder* a pen? (For me, taking data in pen is the academic equivalent of doing a crossword puzzle in pen. You're just asking for a big, scribbled mess.)
This morning I was refilling my new backpack with yet more pencils when I noticed that the pencil slot in my backpack travels the entire length of the backpack. The organizer pockets on this backpack are located on the sides, and I've noticed before that some of the slots are too long to be of any real use. I fished around in the slot, pushing up from the bottom, and retrieved a whooping 6 pencils and 2 pens that I hadn't even realized were missing!
And then I had a good laugh at myself. ;) The mystery is solved, and my mind is (mostly) intact. My professors are at a conference so I have some time to catch up on work. Better go make the most of it!

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Anonymous said...

We are losing pencils, pens and markers here all the time. I love Sharpies and get so upset when they are lost. I too love office supplies. It is a strange addiction considering I don't have a job right now.