Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breaks are Good Things

Instead of chaining myself to my desk this weekend, I went shopping with my family and went to a folk festival with Chester. We found the Irish band and I was SO HAPPY. And then Monday Chester and I went to a new trail and walked the dogs. My half-blind 11 year old Labrador energetically tried to drag me down a ravine. It was awesome.
Of course I did not get enough work done. I will never get enough work done, because there is always more work that I could/should be doing. At some point in this semester I have GOT to relearn my diacritic marks. However, that point was not over break. It might not be this weekend either. I am slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that I cannot accomplish fifteen assignments a day.
I will close with two posts that I have enjoyed very much recently. This lucky mama actually got to meet Barry Prizant. And talk to him. And I am jealous, because I am a huge nerd. XD It was fascinating to read about how her son Bud moved from copying others' speech (echolalia) to forming sentences on his own. It was great to have a real-life example of Dr. Prizant's research.
I thought that this dad's keynote address at the Assistive Technology Cluster Conference did a fantastic job of comparing and contrasting the role of parents and professionals when it comes to getting services for children in school. I was also keenly interested to hear about his beautiful daughter Schuyler, as AAC is an interest of mine and I won't take that class for another year.
Now to bed!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you took some time to walk the dogs. I bet you were more ready to get back to studying after that.

CC said...

I love AAC too! :)