Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is so wrong with being personal?

Twice recently I've started to comment over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs about an issue that directly affects me as a person instead of me as an SLP-in-training, and stopped. It has been interesting for me to step back and watch the stopping and starting, the half-typed sentence that is deleted and replaced with two sentences that are deleted again.
Part of it is that commenting would involve sharing information about my brother, which I don't know if he would appreciate. Talking about my experiences as a sibling is difficult without talking about the other person. And part of it is that I don't know how I feel about the issues in question. If/when I decide to have children, my future husband and I will have to choose whether to take a significant chance that our baby will be born with disabilities or to take steps to have a "normal" baby. More testing will have to be done before that day, and more research on what the other steps may be, but right now it's a big foggy unknown. The post on 5MFSN was a little scary; it talked about how testing embryos for various conditions could lead to people creating "designer children." I certainly do not want to contribute to the idea that you can pick bits of your baby that you like and throw out bits that you don't like, but...having a healthy baby would be nice too. I don't know. It's a really tough judgment call, and I'm not looking forward to it.
As for today...a shower, a craft show, and a few hours of work before the aforementioned future husband shows up for our weekend visit make up my agenda. I have a degree, a marriage, and a job to get through before we seriously consider children. Mayhap I shall find some sweet wee one whose parents could not take care of him/her, and they can be mine, and then I can just avoid the issue altogether. :)


jen said...

thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!
yeah. i'm in the same position. i have actually responded at times, and felt very, hmmm...does discriminated against sound too harsh??
i felt that they were not incredibly open to a therapist's feelings or response to their questions.
i think it stems from the fact that some have had difficult confrontations with therapists and they tend to feel that we all feel the same way.
it is what it is. i would just continue to respond. although, it has turned me away from going on there with any regularity. i just feel that it's such a biased grouping, that it makes me a little turned off knowing that so many are using the internet as a resource going into a meeting with me...i'm often doing a lot of reassuring that things aren't ALWAYS going to go poorly. that we are really honestly people that want to see your child succeed just as much as you do.
sorry...i'll get off my soapbox now!
just wanted to stop by and say thanks...and then i give you an earfull!
feel free to ever email if you have ??s about SLP stuff. i'd love to help you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that is a pretty heated subject. It seems people have their opinions and are not really open to other ones most of the time.

I really wish all children with Autism and developmentally disablities could be genetically tested and metabolically tested. Yes, it would be very expensive...but I do think it would give us some answers and alleviate some of the myths out there.

Most people disagree with that though. So, I tend not to talk much about that.

Sometimes our gut just tells us not to comment. I know I have made some comments and then see them come up on search engines and I am like, "Argh." Why did I say that?!