Saturday, August 23, 2008

ASHA speaks up about autism

ASHA, or the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (the "l" would throw off the snazzy acronym ;) ) recently spoke up in response to remarks by both major presidential candidates concerning autism. Apparently, both candidates indicated the belief that vaccines are contributing to the rising number of autism diagnoses. ASHA's response was to send a letter to both candidates to commend their respective interests in autism, but to urge them to base their comments (and policy!) on scientific evidence. As many of you may know by now, the evidence has thus far failed to establish any link between vaccines and autism. I'm really glad that my professional organization was paying attention and spoke up to inform the candidates about this important and growing issue.
ASHA is the organization that is responsible for certifying speech-language pathologists in this country to practice. We also have to get licensed by the state in which we practice, and sometimes the organization through which we work (for example, the public schools). The ASHA website has materials for parents and educators as well as for professionals, so if you need some resources, check it out! :)
I'll get off my professional soapbox now. :)

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