Friday, August 8, 2008

Speak of the devil...

My reaction to this comedy gem was something along the lines of, "They...said that? Out loud? That's kind of...really? But it's so stupid and asinine!" In an earlier post I mentioned the satirical lyric, "If you're not a friggin' tard you will prevail." I have issues with that line, but I honestly didn't notice it until I read the lyrics to the song. This movie scene is so disgustingly blatant that I am at a loss for believe that anyone could chortle over that trash would be to give up my faith in human decency.
I think anyone who cracks such base "retard jokes" should have to explain to any puzzled individuals with special needs why these jokes are funny. I bet the instances of "retard jokes" would drastically decrease once the ones cracking them have to deal with the consequences.

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