Monday, August 4, 2008

Who wants to know?

In this day and age, most research is done online. Colleges get electronic subscriptions to articles and make them available to students via huge databases. If your library doesn't have it, you can interlibrary loan it and another library will send it to you. This means that students can accumulate a lot of articles over the course of doing papers in various classes.
I am one of those students. ;) I have so many articles about autism saved to my computer and filed away in my file drawer. I have a whole folder of narrative and autism and another whole folder of echolalia and autism. I also have a lot about token economies and a bit about the PALS language test.
I have also kept almost all of my textbooks. I have three just about neurology and how it relates to communicate disorders. Apparently the brain is complicated; who knew? ;)
Mind, I am just a student. I do not have much practical experience to back up all of these articles and textbooks. But since I have access to these resources, I might as well use them. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone has any questions or needs any resources that I might be able to provide. Sign language, PECS, when children normally start using sentences, what new programs are out there and what evidence there is that they work, what speech-language pathologists are in your area...anything about language, really. I am loving this website and all the sharing and growing that I see happening, but as I have no child of my own, I cannot share myself. When I get clients this fall, there is only so much I can share about them, if anything at all, due to confidentiality. And I want to give back a little, because I am learning so much! So please, if I can answer any question or provide you some ammo for those IEP meetings, let me know!

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Marla said...

Great idea. My only problem right now is getting an agency to respond to me. Call me back. Get things moving. Argh. Sigh.

You will do great!