Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That which does not kill me...

...will ultimately make me stronger. I've had two days of graduate school, and already I feel like I've learned so much. A lot of this learning has come through making mistakes, and that is never easy. However, I keep telling myself that if I already knew everything, I would not have to be in school. So much of the vital knowledge in my field can only come with experience. My supervisor for my observation hours told me once, "Katie, our clients don't read the textbooks." She said this because I noted that a child was actually making sounds more difficult for herself instead of easier. However, that child did not read my textbooks and did not know that sounds at the front of the mouth are generally easier to produce than sounds at the back of the mouth.
I am realistic enough to know that I will not be this into learning once November or even October hits. I will be scrambling around to finish assignments and get signatures and write reports. Hopefully I will do a little bit better at time management this semester and still have time to let everything I'm learning soak in.
Speaking of which, I should probably go to bed!


Marla said...

I am glad to hear you are learning a lot. That is good. I hope the school year is a good one for you. Don't work too hard! You need some play time too.

CC said...

Hi there! Just found you. I'm an SLP and a blogger. Join in the fun :)